Steffie has dedicated her life's work to helping people discover their potential and transform their lives. She is a psychotherapist and addiction specialist located in Spokane, WA. Steffie approaches her work with a blend of counseling and coaching to help clients move towards healing, discovery, and empowerment. She views her role as both a therapist supporting and guiding clients toward change and healing and as a coach —mentoring people toward achieving their goals. She is a life-long learner remaining a perpetual student of life, expanding her understanding of the human experience, and continually immersed in spiritual practice and creative expression.

Currently Steffie has a private practice working with a diversity of clients. She is a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LICSW) and a Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP). She is also a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). As a therapist and addiction counselor she works with adults individually and in relationship. As a Chemical Dependency Professional, she provides individual counseling for those who struggle with addiction and recovery. As a Substance Abuse Professional she provides evaluations for return to safety-sensitive duty. She is also an Approved Supervisor providing clinical supervision for those seeking licensure in the state of Washington.

Steffie was born and raised in southern California loving the beaches then moved to the Northwest over 30 years ago and knew as soon as she arrived among the tall pines that she had come home. She has always had an ability to mentor and teach others. Even as a teenager, friends would come to her for encouragement, helping them sort out their problems. She frequently engaged in volunteer work helping in community projects. As a young adult, she was drawn to teenagers working in various settings from mentoring one-on-one to youth groups, weekend rallies, and summer camps. In her work with youth, she realized that a formal education would better prepare her for the work she loves.

Her professional experience includes over 17 years as a mental health professional providing therapy and addiction counseling as well as program management and staff supervision in a county mental health setting working with individuals and groups addressing diverse mental health, addiction, and social issues. Additionally, she has worked with youth in residential and detention settings addressing addiction issues. She has developed and facilitated co-occurring programs providing services to individuals and groups addressing mental wellness and addiction issues. She has served as a Designated Mental Health Professional working with hospitals, medical personnel, and law enforcement in crisis response work. She has been a member of a drug court team comprised of counselors, prevention specialists, child advocates, legal representatives, and community support systems providing services to families and children affected by substance abuse in a county setting. She has experience working with individuals who are faith-based or have spiritual pursuits.

Steffie holds a Master of Social Work from Eastern Washington University in 1998 (MSW). She has a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Social Work with a Minor in Alcohol and Drug Studies from Eastern Washington University in 1996 (BASW). Her clinical training focused on services to youth and families with a broad interest including women’s issues, civil rights, and addictions. She continues to complete training as part of her licensure keeping current with new information and practice trends as well as pursuing workshops for enrichment and personal development

Ethical Stance
Steffie holds to the highest ethical standards, which includes maintaining licensure, appropriate insurance, seeking consultation when necessary and adhering to the NASW Code of Ethics and NAADAC Code of Ethics. With recent addition of coaching to her practice, she ascribes to the ideals and standard of practice outlined in the BCC Code of Ethics.

Professional Affiliations
National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
National Association of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC)