Before you attend your first session, you will need to read, complete, and sign all necessary pre-session paperwork. The required forms are grouped below according to client type. Please feel free to ask questions about the paperwork so that you fully understand before signing.

Counseling Clients

The forms below are for your information and required by law. You can choose to print them off in their entirety or read the documents and print off only the signature pages to be brought with you to your first session. (Go Green!)

Counselor Disclosure Statement
Notice of Privacy Practices
Social Media Policy

Unprofessional Conduct
What to Expect

General Counseling Clients
Client Billing Information
Client Intake Form

EAP Clients

EAP Client Billing Information
EAP Client Intake Form

Addiction Counseling Clients
Biopsychosocial History (available soon)

SAP Evaluation Clients

Request for SAP Services
SAP Client Information
SAP Statement of Understanding
SAP Process
SAP Client Rights

Coaching Clients
Personal Information Fact Sheet
Coaching Agreement (Draft Only)
Strategic Planning Checklist
Primary Focus
Coaching Prep Format
Completion Log
Wheel of Life Exercise
Wheel of Life – Focus List

Miscellaneous Forms

Authorization for Release of Confidential Information
EFT Disclaimer
Mental Health Benefits Worksheet
Lending Library Agreement

Other Documents
Client Record Requirements
Counselor Client Privilege