Counseling Fees
Coaching Fees
SAP Evaluation Fees
Supervision Fees



Initial Consultation: $210 (75-minute session)

Individual: $160 (53-minute session)

Extended Sessions: Fee arrangements can be made for extended sessions lasting more than 50 minutes.

Affordable Session: $70 (30- minute session; see explanation below)

Phone Sessions: Same fee applies as for in person sessions. Phone sessions are only considered after a working relationship has been established in face-to-face sessions and on a case-by-case basis. In the case of inclement weather, particularly on wintry ice or snow days, scheduled client sessions may be conducted by phone. This can also be arranged if you are homebound with a sick child or have other physical or time constraints.

Out of Pocket:
A discount is offered for those using private funds.

Missed Appointment: $60 (see Cancellation Policy below)

Phone Services: Calls that are of counseling or coaching nature as follow up to a session will be assessed a fee of $30 in increments of 15 minutes. This type of phone service will generally require an appointment and will require prepayment. No charge accessed for calls to schedule appointments or general questions.

Written Documents: Base rate is $150. Documents requiring more than an hour to complete will be assessed $150 an hour thereafter for completion.

Affordable Counseling
I also offer 30-minute sessions to clients who want to work within a budget or do not have insurance benefits. If this is something that appeals to you bear in mind that it requires getting right down to business and using time efficiently by being prepared such as being on time, payment ready, and assignments completed.

Free Phone Consultation
The quality of the relationship you build with your therapist is one of the greatest predictors of success in therapy. It is important for you to feel comfortable and understood. It is also important that you feel you can trust the therapist and that they have knowledge of the concern you have. Choosing a therapist is a very important decision so I offer a free 15-20 minute phone consultation appointment to help you take the first step to see if working together will meet your needs. You can call me @ 509-850-5991 or send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view set this up.

Private Payments
Some clients prefer to pay for sessions out-of-pocket rather than using their insurance. There are several reasons such as; you prefer to keep your sessions anonymous by not involving third party administration, your insurance requires a high deductible before coverage starts, or your benefits have run out. The Out of Pocket 10% discount applies.

Cancellation Policy
When we make the appointment, I am committing to hold that time for you. If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment for any reason, please give me at
least 24 hours advance notice. If a cancellation is unavoidable and my schedule allows, I will reschedule you for another time within that same week. However, if I am unable to accommodate a timely appointment or you do not show for an appointment without notification then you will be charged a missed appointment fee and is payable prior to scheduling your next appointment.

Ready to get to work?

Set up an appointment by calling 509-850-5991, send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or use the appointment request.



I offer a complimentary 15-minute session to give you the opportunity to experience coaching so that you can decide if coaching is right for you.

Discovery Session:
$130 for 60-minute session

This is the initial meeting to discuss what you want out of your coaching experience, how we will work together, and identify where you are now and where you want to go. We will complete the 3-month Coaching Agreement. Upon completion of the 3 months, coaching will convert to a month-to-month basis.

Sessions: $65 per 30-minute sessions totaling $260 a month. Fees are payable in advance by the 5th of each month. To begin, we will work together for 3 months for a total of 2 hours each month. It can be divided up in several ways that will be agreed upon prior to beginning. I recommend 30-minute session as they allow for more frequent coaching and applications of our ideas and suggestions in between sessions.

Suggested intervals are as follows:
Four times a month for 30 minutes
Three times a month for 40 minutes
Two times a month for 60 minutes


Coaching sessions can be designed and mutually agreed-upon. Sessions can be face-to-face, phone, or a combination of phone and in-person sessions. We can determine a time that consistently works for both of us or schedule your sessions on a week-to-week basis. It will be up to you to schedule sessions in advance to allow sufficient time for working between sessions and to meet the 2-hour time allotment each month. We will begin and end our sessions on time to honor our agreement.

Rescheduling and appointment is easy with advance notice. If you must cancel a session, we will make it up by adding a session to the month or by adding additional time to the remaining sessions with in that month. If time does not allow due to the lateness of the month then the time will be forfeited. Missing an appointment without notice is considered a paid appointment. If a personal engagement arises and we are unable to meet for more than a week say due to a vacation/trip then we will add sessions to the end of your contract.

Between Sessions:
To support on going encouragement, support, and to share in your success, I welcome contact in-between sessions. If you need a sounding board, have a problem, or want to share a success with me you can contact me via e-mail or phone. I enjoy providing this extra level of service and do not bill for it. I do ask however that you keep the extra sessions to no more than 5-10 minutes.

Individual Sessions:
$90 for a 45-minute session
Sometimes all we need is some brief and solution-focused encouragement and support to get us on tract so I offer individual session coaching. This usually entails 1-3 sessions. There is no discovery session or contract. Just get down to business, get a fresh perspective, and shift intention into action.

Terminating the Contract:
Sometimes circumstances arise that necessitate re-consideration of our agreement/contract. If you decide you would like to terminate your coaching contract, you may do so with 30 days notice. There are no refunds for pre-paid coaching months. If it becomes apparent that your challenges are beyond the coaching experience, I will recommend that you seek services from a qualified professional. I reserve the right to terminate the coaching relationship until you have done so or if it impedes the coaching process.

Each contract will be honored at the agreed upon rate. Month-to-month or individual rates will be given 30 days notice prior to the increase.
I reserve the right to adjust my fees.

Make a Payment:
To make a payment with your debit or credit card or PayPal account go to Make a Payment and you will be taken to PayPal’s website where you can complete your transaction safely and securely.


Set up an appointment by calling 509-850-5991, send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the appointment request.



Any employee who tests positive for alcohol above certain limits, or who tests positive for a controlled substance must seek an evaluation by a qualified Substance Abuse Professional or SAP.

SAP Qualifications

A SAP is qualified to complete evaluations by meeting the following criteria:

  1. Holding certain credentials, training and education to provide such evaluations
  2. Completed an approved DOT training by an approved agency or organization
  3. Passing a qualifying exam

SAP Evaluations
SAP evaluations consist of a face-to-face interview to determine whether a substance problem exists and what type of treatment or other services may be indicated to address the problem. The SAP evaluator is required to follow the employee from the start of the referral through the entire process and ready to return to work.

Responsibilities of Employer

I am a provider with several SAP Referral Services but if you want to make a direct referral to me I will need the following information. As an employer, you are required to provide your employee or prospective employee with the name and contact information of a SAP Evaluator. You are not required to pay for the evaluation however, you may choose to.

If you make a referral, I will need the following information from you during your initial phone call and then followed up in written form using the Request for SAP Services that you can download and then fax to 206-892-9709.

  • Employee Name, address, phone number, date of birth, social security number
  • Violation and date of occurrence
  • Positive test for alcohol/level or drug/substance
  • Reason for test
  • DOT modality
  • Current employment status of employee
  • Designated Employee Representative (DER) if different from your own
  • Person making the referral, employer, title, address, phone number
  • Responsible party for payment (If employer, then full payment made at time of referral or upon receipt of initial report)

EAP Services
As part of my practice, I provide EAP services that are a confidential counseling service. If this service is not otherwise available through your workplace, I can provide this type of service independently. If you have an employee or you are the employee, have a concern about substance abuse or other stressors, and would like assistance getting the employee back on track I can provide brief-solution focused counseling to achieve a healthy work/life balance. EAP services help the client develop solutions; provide information, and referrals to community and professional resources. This service is designed to be short term with a set fee per session. This can be borne by either the employer or employee. I find this to be a helpful service to assist employees with stressors that affect their job performance.

Payment Schedule

If fees are to be paid by the employer, full payment can be forwarded to the SAP at the time of the referral or anytime prior to the evaluation.

If fees are paid by employee, full payment is required prior to evaluation. Payment can be made in cash prior to the evaluation or by using your debit or credit card or PayPal account by going to Make a Payment on this site. You will be taken to PayPal’s website where you can complete your transaction safely and securely.


Initial Intake, evaluation and reports
Monthly treatment monitoring $100
Follow –up assessment/interview and compliance reports $100
EAP services (to be determined)


My Qualifications
steffie I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LICSW) and Certified Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP). My experience includes working in the addiction field for over 17 years providing substance abuse assessments and treatment services to a variety of populations. I am qualified as a SAP Evaluator meeting credentialing requirements completing the required qualification training, passed the exam administered by NAADAC, a national recognized training organization and received attestation of certification as a Substance Abuse Professional. My status as a SAP can be verified on the website through the Substance Abuse Professionals Directory at

I am also listed on the following directories: at at



It is important that the relationship between supervisee and supervisor is a good fit. So it is important that you choose a supervisor you feel confident in and can learn from. My goal is to be supportive of your professional development in a way that benefits both you and your clients.

Consultation: $75.00
I am happy to schedule a consultation to discuss questions you may have in regard to supervision.
If it is your desire to engage in supervision then this will also allow us to see if we are going to be a good fit for supervision. If you choose to begin supervision with me then this fee will be applied to the Initial Set-Up Fee.


Initial Set-Up: $125
Our first appointment will be to learn about you, your skill level, and your goals. We will develop a supervision agreement that describes our mutual responsibilities, verify your qualifications, and obtain a professional recommendation for supervision.


Supervision: Monthly Fee
Upon completing the agreement, we will begin meeting on a regular basis at a mutually agreed time and place. Upon completing the supervision agreement I am committing to be available to you so it is important to attend scheduled appointments as the monthly fee applies regardless of whether we meet or not.


Group Rates:
Under some circumstances supervision is available at a group rate.