Once you make the decision to begin . . .
Office FrontI can support you in your desire to grow and change with guidance and a personalized approach to your needs in a supportive and nurturing environment that allows you to express your feelings and be heard and understood.

I offer compassionate therapy that allows for creativity in healing of body, mind, and spirit by combining mindfulness practices and self-exploration together with some creative processes entwined that leads to a better understanding of how you have came to experience the life you have and what blocks you from moving forward. My hope is that you will learn to hold yourself in esteem and through various ways of expression begin to ask yourself, “What is keeping me from stepping into my life and living it fully?”

Office Setting
expectationsThe office is located in the North Pines Professional Building on the lower level at 1005 N. Pines Rd., Suite 40, Spokane Valley just several blocks south of the 1-90 freeway or north of Sprague Ave.

There is an elevator for easy access to the lower level.  There is plenty of off street parking at the back of the building.   The office location provides for privacy and confidentiality.  As you enter the office, there is a waiting area so you can have a seat without disturbing an on-going session.  There is a beverage cooler with cold water and other beverages that you can help yourself to.  Make yourself comfortable while you wait and I will be with you at your scheduled appointment time. 

expectationsThe session area has comfortable seating with a choice of a sofa-loveseat and pillows or chairs if you prefer. The colors are soothing and calm with soft lighting.

In session, I create a safe place where you can be present in the moment as a conscious human being. I am positive, caring, and genuine. Our work together will be interactive, straightforward and exploratory for your truth with a little humor to get to the sometimes obvious but difficult conversations that we like to avoid so laughter is a common occurrence in session that clients find to be nurturing and healing.

As we begin
I want your first session to give you renewed hope and a sense of support and the beginning of a collaborative working alliance. When you first come in, I will ask you to complete some minimal paperwork. The first session will likely go for 75 minutes. Sessions after that will be 45 minutes in length. Then we will begin by my asking some discovery questions so that I can get a sense of what you would like to focus on in our work together. I will ask what you have tried so far, what was helpful, and what was not if that was the case. We will also discuss what successful completion of services would look like for you. This will help us set a course of action so that you will be able to know we are achieving the goals you desire. As the first conversation unfolds, my hope is that you will have a sense of support, hope, and motivation for change. We will end the session by scheduling a return appointment and collecting payment.

In the following sessions
We will continue with more discovery of your story if needed then begin the work towards the changes you would like to see occur. You are the expert on you, naturally creative, resourceful, and whole —completely capable of finding your own answers so through collaboration we will explore solutions and develop new ways of being that support the life you want.

Effective counseling or coaching requires a commitment of time, energy, and active participation. I will often engage you in practicing a new way of relating or practice a new skill as I coach. I often assign activities associated with the process between scheduled sessions.

Completion of Therapy
You may end our work together when you feel ready and I may initiate closing as well. expectationsSome people find it challenging to discuss ending but this is an important part of the process. It will be important for you to bring up any feelings around this so that we can work through them. At the conclusion of our work together, we will review your goals and the progress and results you have achieved. We will acknowledge the intersecting of our work together with grace and gratitude. My hope for you will be that you step fully into your life, empowered and transformed.